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The Culture, Health, and Wellbeing international conference is a global event organized by Arts & Health South West in collaboration with Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance.


The conference happens once every four years and the last event in 2017 involved over 400 delegates and speakers from 23 countries.


Creativity and the arts have been a huge help to so many people during the Covid-19 pandemic, helping to provide hope and navigate uncertainty in unprecedented times. The CHW21 conference has succeeded in its aim to provide a space for the exploration of our experiences both individually and collectively and to help us imagine and articulate our vision for the future.


Justin and Good Entertainment were honored to be chosen to present at this years (CHW21) conference.


In line with the 2021 conference themes of Inequality, Power, and Sustainability, their “Bigger than COVID-19: Emboldening Community Artists as Trusted Public Health Ambassadors” offering included Good Entertainment sharing 2 mini-documentary films of artists and 2 campaigns filmed by Justin. The presentation illustrated how these artists strategically translated COVID-19 public health messaging while also using their art as a platform to challenge cultural norms and discrimination.


Feedback was extremely positive with conference delegates confirming they were powerfully impacted by the event which this year, was fully virtual…


This conference has, without a doubt, changed my life. Experiencing a range of approaches has given me invaluable insight and inspiration and challenged my thinking on different areas of arts and health. Ive also learned a lot about myself. Met some great visionaries too.” – Conference Delegate Testimonial